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When Trimedia PR became Intermarket Communications, they wanted to incorporate the feel of their old logo into the new. This was accomplished by keeping the red diamond shape and three lines, but rotating it and adding a bold, lowercase type treatment. As their new focus included expanding internationally, everything was branded with Gill Sans, a UK standard font. 


In 2004, Intermarket’s event planner and I created a guide as an internal holiday gift with reviews by the employees of their favorite restaurants and bars. By 2017, the annual Intermarket Insider’s Guide to Eating and Imbibing had expanded to include reviews from their affiliates in 11 countries.


Holiday cards were created almost every year for 10 years, always incorporating their logo into the design.

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In 2015 they decided to create an electronic card. Initially, they chose a black and white photograph and I created an animation. In 2018, they decided to use multiple images and I created a montage of winter images across NYC.